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Privacy Policy

Dear Friends,
TaiwanNews is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of its users. To help users understand how TaiwanNews collects and uses users’ personal information, users are advised to read the TaiwanNews Privacy Policy in detail. The document will show you how TaiwanNews collects and uses information as well as our privacy policy.
Collection of members’ personal information is a policy based on the services provided to them. TaiwanNews offers different services.

  1.When you actively make website registration or changes in the search engine, the website retains information regarding your e-mail address, website description and so forth.
    Content Channel Service
      When you register as a member of the website, we ask you, as called for by the services provided, ,to give your personal information, including name, nickname, address, telephone, and e-mail address, among others.
    Membership Registration

When you make an online business transaction, using the website’s shopping platform, in order to understand the product, service type, amount, buyer’s and receiver’s information, TaiwanNews adopts online and offline methods to collect the product and service details (e.g. item name, amount, price, and so forth), buyer’s information (e.g. name, e-mail address, home address, postal code, birthday, gender, occupation, and personal interests), receiver’s information (e.g. name, telephone number, home address, postal code), payment information (e.g. credit card number, credit card expiration date, or bank transfer account number), and other related information.
If users are conducting online shopping activities on a third party website (e.g. bid.com.tw or Acer Ticketing Network) through the link in the TaiwanNews website, which has its own privacy policy, the information process measures do not apply to the TaiwanNews Privacy Policy. TaiwanNews is not responsible for any behavior on the site.


With the exception of things mentioned above, TaiwanNews documents the searching procedure produced on the server when you browse or make inquiry online. These details include your computer's IP address, duration of use, the type and version of browser, record of browsed pages and the clicks made. The website will mark the individual browsers to analyze the pages browsed within the website. Unless users are willing to disclose their personal information, the website will not, and won’t be able to connect the records with the users.
Please be notified that commercial advertisers on the website or other websites that have links to TaiwanNews website might be also collecting your personal information. Regarding the personal information that you actively give these sites or advertisers, they have their own privacy policies in handling the information. These measures do not apply the TaiwanNews Privacy Policy and this website is not to be held responsible for any dealing.
Except for the personal information that you provided when you actively registered on the website, you might be also giving away personal information (e.g. e-mail, name) through the message board. Such giving away of information each new entry, which is not protected by the TaiwanNews Privacy Policy.

  2.Collection and Application of User’s Information Details on TaiwanNews Website
    Online events and questionnaire
      The website collects questionnaire respondents’ information, such as name and ID number, for use only in raffle draws. Information details such as telephone number, e-mail, and address, among others, will be used to inform questionnaire respondents of the raffle result and for analysis, and will not be used in other ways. Other information details will be used in business and market analysis or for academic purposes. All information will not be used for other ends or purposes unless the website obtains the agreement of the questionnaire respondents.
    Premium Membership Registration
      Personal information of buyers, product information, or service contents will mainly be used for internal management and improvement of personalized service. For example, with the user’s agreement, the website automatically provides or shows products, information, or service contents, which are of interest to the user. Furthermore, details about the receiver will mainly be used to ensure delivery of the product or service to designated address. Payment information will only be used to confirm payment arrangement for product bought.

Once you register as a member in any website of TaiwanNews, the information input will only be used as reference when providing service and organizing events. Not applicable is information produced without your agreement (e.g. computer’s IP, duration, type of browser, record of browsing and clicking). The information will be used only for overall behavioral analysis, and will not be used for individual analysis.

  3. Use and Policies Regarding Cookies in TaiwanNews

Cookies are short information written onto user’s hard disk by browser to be differentiated from user’s favorites. You can adjust your browser’s cookies level by choosing ”Preference→Advanced” in Netscape or “Internet Selection→Security” in IE. The levels include accepting all cookies, getting informed when setting cookies, and refusing all cookies. If you choose to refuse all cookies, you may not be able to use some personal service or join certain events.
According to following purposes and situations, TaiwanNews will write in and access cookies in your browser under the Privacy Policy:
To provide better and more personal service and convenience for participation of personalized interaction events, cookies will be established when you register or log in, and be modified when logging out.
In order to count browsing frequency and analyze patterns for better understanding of web pages for use as references to improve service, the products on the list will be added to your existing list when you do online shopping.

  4. Policies Regarding Communal Information Between TaiwanNews and Third Parties

TaiwanNews will never sell, exchange, or rent out any personal information to groups or person at will.
Under the Privacy Policy, TaiwanNews will use your personal information with a third party under following three circumstances:
In order to provide other services or beneficial discount (e.g. coupons), TaiwanNews has to give the service provider (the third party) making these possible your personal information. TaiwanNews will give all the necessary explanations for the duration of the event or project, even notifying users beforehand before collecting information. You can choose whether to accept the service or discount or not.
For public safety, when the law enforcement units ask TaiwanNews to open personal information of a certain person, TaiwanNews will cooperate but make sure that the legal procedure is followed and take into account the user’s safety consideration.
When someone shows the possibility of violating the service rules of TaiwanNews or appears to be damaging or interfering with the rights of TaiwanNews, its users and related third parties, TaiwanNews has reason to believe that revealing personal information is necessary to identify, contact, or take legal actions against the person. Therefore, TaiwanNews is allowed to reveal users’ personal information. Moreover, the website is also allowed to reveal or access personal information for legal action, or to maintain and improve products and service, using the personal information for managerial and other purposes.

  5. TaiwanNews Policies Regarding Sending of Commercial Information and Emails

After obtaining your agreement beforehand or during registration, TaiwanNews will send you commercial information and e-mails. Aside from indicating on the information and emails through the logo that TaiwanNews is the source, it will also provide in the emails the methods, the explanations, and the links that allow you to stop receiving these unwanted information and e-mails any time.
In order to offer you other services and beneficial discounts, TaiwanNews will provide full explanation when the service provider or the third party sends you commercial information or e-mails. TaiwanNews will also inform you of these mails beforehand, so you can choose whether or not to accept the service or join the event.

  6. TaiwanNews Policies Regarding Personal Information Modification Regular Membership Registratio
      After you have actively registered in the TaiwanNews website as member, you can make changes in your personal information input (e.g. name, nickname, home address, telephone number, e-mail address), using your ID and password.
  7.  Self-Protection Measures
      Please remember your password or any personal information, and do not reveal your password to anyone. After completing shopping and reading e-mails, remember to log out. If you are sharing a computer with others or using public computers, remember to close the browser to prevent others from reading your e-mails and information.
  8. Information about TaiwanNews Privacy Policy
      If you have any question regarding your own privacy on TaiwanNews website, please write to our Suggestion Box. The Service Hotline for online shopping section is tel. (02)2351-7666. Or you can e-mail us at service@etaiwannews.com.



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