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Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau
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2010-02-19 12:00 AM
"2010 Taichung Traditional Arts Festival - An expression of youth and creativity through 'Tradition' and 'Avant-Garde'"

To celebrate the Lantern Festival, which is a very important Chinese tra-ditional holiday, Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau is holding the 2010 Taichung Traditional Arts Festival from Feb. 26 (Fri) to March 7 (Sun) at the Wenxin Forest Park and Fulfillment Am-phitheater. Art performance groups from around the nation along with professional and student groups based in central Tai-wan will demonstrate the spirit of "youth and creativity" to add to the vitality of Taichung City with their performances.

Among the programs, "Together For-ever", co-worked by Taiwan Choi-Tian Folk Drum & Arts Group and 'IfKids' Theatre Co., makes an amazing attempt to include Chinese traditional folk art and western kids play. Other performances like tra-ditional glove puppet shows and modern Jin-Kuang glove puppet per-formances are included in the program. There are also lion and dragon dances from Taiwan and China as well as exquisite Taiwanese opera performances. Moreover, Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group will be showcase its special Lantern Festival performance-"Six Hundred Years of Chinese Lanterns", merging modern jazz and modern dance into traditional Chinese opera.

And then, a traditional arts market is set up during the festival to sell goods such as sugar paintings, traditional Chinese toys, ocarinas, carved stones and carved "hulu" bottle gourds. Free traditional Do-It-Yourself courses for children are available daily to further people's understanding of making Chinese knotting, bamboo-copters, sugar-coated fruit (tanghulu) and Chinese cotton candy ("dragon's beard" candy). All activities are open to the public.

For more information, visit the official websites of Taichung City Government.

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