Over 70% of office workers distrust their colleagues: poll
Only 6 pct of the respondents say they 'totally trust their colleagues or directors'
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2010-08-07 12:00 AM
Nearly 75 percent of Taiwan's office workers do not trust their colleagues on account of clashes in interpersonal relationships, according to the results of an online survey released yesterday.

The results of the survey conducted by 360d HR, an online job bank, showed that 74 percent of the respondents described the office environment as "dangerous," but 71 percent said they believe human nature is "basically good. "

Only 6 percent of the respondents said they "totally trust their colleagues or directors." Meanwhile, 42 percent said they cannot count on their directors, higher than the 36 percent who said they have no confidence in their colleagues.

In terms of the reasons cited by the respondents for their distrust of their office co-workers, "people are all selfish" came first (43 percent) , followed by "have been betrayed at work" (22 percent) and "have seen colleagues resorting to any means to achieve goals" (20 percent).

In terms of loyalty to their places of work, the survey also found that 37 percent of the respondents have little faith in their present company, with 62 percent of them expressing uncertainty about their future there and 21 percent "considering a move to another company."

Questioned on the methods they use to earn the trust of their colleagues, 57 percent answered "sharing workloads," while 15 percent cited "helping others at work" and 11 percent mentioned "taking responsibility for work-related tasks."

According to the survey, 62 percent of those polled said they get along well with others in the same sector, with another 15 percent saying they do not associate with their counterparts in other companies.

In terms of personal interaction, 41 percent of the respondents said they meet socially with their coworkers outside the office environment, while 39 percent said their relationships with their coworkers are strictly work-related.

The survey, carried out July 22-30, collected a total of 1,036 valid samples.

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