The tender side of Kinmen—Folk culture in Kinmen
By Jou Chuang /
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2012-06-27 10:24 AM
A Military Center becomes a Romantic Spot

It’s hard not to think of a battlefield when you think of Kinmen. But somehow the island has managed to reverse its image in Taiwanese movies in recent years. Kinmen now is no longer just a battlefield, nor is it simply a border island full of the smell of gunpowder. Seen through the camera lens, Kinmen is now becoming more and more romantic, offering scenic routes surrounded by jade-green beefwood (casuarina), lazy oxen and Fukien style villages, all of which show a more tender side of Kinmen.



A Love Story Set in an Old Village

The distinctive and beautiful buildings typical of Fukien style architecture are a frequent feature in the Taiwanese movie “Summer Times” (夏天協奏曲). It is hard to ignore the Fukien atmosphere when you visit Kinmen, as here you will see the highest density of old Fukien style building to be found in Taiwan. Besides the Kinmen Folk Culture Village, which has the most complete range of types of Fukien buildings, there are century-old examples of Fukien houses spread in every village throughout Kinmen such as Ou’s House and the villages of Beishan, Chushan and Suitou. Some of these are still occupied, and a growing number of them have been converted to B&Bs after renovation by Kinmen National Park authorities.

老聚落 譜一段愛情故事


A prime example of Fukien style buildings:Kinmen Folk Culture Village

Family and country mean a lot to the men and women of Kinmen. Over the years, many of them have return to Kinmen from other areas to help rebuild the old houses and ancestral temples after becoming successful and rich elsewhere. And to accommodate all their family members, they have rebuilt a tremendous variety of old houses while building schools to educate their offspring. The Folk Culture Village at the back of Gold Sand Village(金沙鎮) is one of these typical villages.



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