Japan, Norway and allies thwart Atlantic whale sanctuary vote
By Cherice Chen
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2012-07-03 11:43 AM
A proposal by Latin American countries to create a sanctuary for the protection of whales was defeated Monday at the International Whaling Commission, according to AFP news agency.

Thirty-eight countries voted in favor of the measure and 21 voted against, with two abstentions. Under commission rules, proposals need 75 percent support to pass.

Whaling countries including Japan, Norway and Island voted against it, while countries like Russia, China, South Korea and some very small countries in the Pacific joined in the opposition vote.

Japan has insisted that whaling is a culturally important practice and has continued to kill whales in Antarctic sanctuary waters using a loophole for research.

Monaco, AFP reported, has submitted a proposal to invite the United Nations to take a role in enforcing the sanctuary.

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