Luis Kao:Facing tumultuous times with confidence
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2012-09-16 02:04 PM

Luis Kao:Facing tumultuous times with confidence and professionalism

One of the distinguished speakers at this year’s Taiwan United Foundation conference in City of Industry, California, is Luis Kao, the chairman of I-Mei Foods. I-Mei is a leading food producer in Taiwan, and it is also becoming increasingly involved in the exciting area of e-publishing and the Internet cloud.

Mr. Kao says his remarks to the more than 500 industrialists and business people gathered at TUF center on two points. First of all, the economy is bad – everywhere, not just in the US and Europe, but all over the world – and people are beginning to feel the pressure and heightened competition that a shrinking economy can bring. One of the key tools in dealing with this increased competition is quality products and quality service.

Mr. Kao says his second point has to do with the quality of life. He points to the tremendous changes that have taken place around the world in the past couple of generations. People once lived lives that were strenuous but simple, a time that the Taiwanese refer to as the ‘water buffalo’ generation. Today things are much more complex and sometimes confusing, and it is easy to lose track of oneself in all the material trappings that adorn our lives. Too many people, especially the young, complain that they are living a ‘black and white’ life in the midst of a Technicolor multi-media world. The solution for this is to look our problems directly and then look deeper into ourselves to come up with concepts and beliefs that we can truly call our own.

We are living in tumultuous times, says Mr. Kao, but with the right standards and confidence in our own beliefs and abilities, we will see it through.

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