Talk of the Day -- Ring in Lunar New Year with reading
Central News Agency
2013-02-07 11:00 PM
For those who have no travel plans or do not like to jostle with crowds at major shopping or entertainment facilities, bookstores and smart libraries can be good places to visit during the upcoming nine-day Lunar New Year holiday which runs from Feb. 9 through Feb. 17. According to media reports, major bookstore chains, such as Eslite and Kingstone, will remain open during the holiday, with shortened business hours on the Lunar New Year's Eve as the only exception. Some independent bookstores in Taipei will also operate during most time of the holiday, the reports said. Those who want to borrow books can use smart libraries or fully automated FastBook stops at selected Taipei Metro stations. The following are excerpts from a special report in the Thursday edition of the Liberty Times on local people's reading preferences found in surveys by bookstores or libraries and bookstore bestsellers and recommended book lists: Eslite Bookstore has recommended book lists for people in four age groups to read during the Lunar New Year holiday based on the list of its 2012 bestselling books. According to Eslite study, local men have become increasingly interested in cookbooks and publications featuring food, drink and culinary culture, while local women are more interested in books that discuss such themes as health and gender relations. During the Lunar New Year holiday, Eslite suggested children aged between 6 and 12 read illustrated literature classics or books that can help them increase knowledge or learn to control their emotions. For teenagers aged 13-19, the Chinese version of Patrick Ness' award-winning "Chaos Walking series: Book One: The Knife of Never Letting Go" is a good choice, Eslite said, adding that the book is widely acclaimed as the most original literary creation for young adults in recent years. The Eslite survey also found that local male population in the 25-35 age bracket most like to read books introducing business models or discussing financial and economic themes. The number of male readers of books introducing culinary art and culture has also been increasing steadily, Eslite survey results show. For women in the same age group, Eslite said, books on health and gender relations are most popular. One of the bestsellers in this category is the Chinese version of "Moving On: Dump Your Relationship Baggage and Make Room for the Love of Your Life," the store said. Quality Bookstore, a legendary independent bookstore located near National Taiwan Normal University which is one of the most popular haunts for local book lovers, will remain open during the Lunar New Year holiday. The store's owner, Tseng Ta-fu, said the Israeli writer Amos Oz's "A Tale of Love and Darkness" could be a good read for the coming New Year holiday. He also recommended France-based Taiwanese comic book creator Lin Li-ching's autobiographical comics "My Youth, My Formosa." "It is the first comic book featuring Taiwan's evolution from authoritarian rule to democratization," Tseng said. It was first published in French. According to Tseng, running bookstore is a service business. "So I has always kept my store open, even during the Lunar New Year holiday. In the past, the number of visitors would declined by 20 to 30 percent during the period, especially on the first two days of the Lunar New Year holiday," Tseng said. In his view, Wang said, reading is a good source of energy and vitality. "I hope my bookstore can help local people foster interest in reading," he added. Meanwhile, Taipei Public Library officials said novels, comic books, handicraft books and cookbooks are most popular reads during the Lunar New Year holiday, with the demand for borrowing books in those categories tending to increase significantly during the period. (Feb. 7, 2013). (By Sofia Wu)
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