'Normal' for Ang Lee to thank her, says wife of director
Central News Agency
2013-02-25 09:53 PM
Los Angeles, Feb. 24 (CNA) What did Mrs. Ang Lee think of the gratitude and affection her husband expressed toward her in front of the best of Hollywood on Sunday? Not very much apparently. It was "quite normal," said Jane Lin, when asked by Chinese-language reporters based here to comment on Lee's acceptance speech at the Academy Awards ceremony. "Wouldn't it have been a little embarrassing if he hadn't done that when everybody else thanked their wives?" Lin asked. In the speech, the 58-year-old native Taiwanese, who won a second Oscar for Best Director for "Life of Pi," thanked his wife of 30 years and said "I love you." Live pictures of the ceremony showed Lin laughing and grimacing on hearing those words. Lin is known to have been highly supportive of her husband's dream of becoming a filmmaker although she has declined to take credit in public. She once said on camera that she "in fact just leave(s) him alone." The fact is, however, Lin insisted that Lee should carry on pursuing his dream when he thought about learning computer skills instead, because for six years in the 1980's he did not have a steady job after graduating from the film school in New York University. "There are too many computer experts for you to make a difference," Lin told him at the time. As a result, Lee became the homemaker, looking after the first of their two sons and writing screenplays while Lin, a molecular biologist by training, was the bread-earner working in a medical lab. The two had met when studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne and got married in 1983 before moving to New York City. Lee's first breakthrough came in 1992, when his Chinese-language feature "Pushing Hands" proved a box office success in Taiwan and won critical acclaim. The movie and two others belonging to his Father Trilogy won him international recognition and he went on to direct such Oscar-winning films as "Sense and Sensibility," "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," and "Brokeback Mountain." The rest is history. At the press conference, Lee kissed his wife twice on the cheek when prodded by Chinese-language reporters. He appeared excited and said he was "very happy." He feels very proud of Taiwan because every member of his crew came away impressed after filming in the country, said the director. Most of "Life of Pi" was filmed in locations in central and southern Taiwan. (By Oscar Wu and Jay Chen)
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