Amid row over nuclear power, Taipower stresses its role in ensuring nuclear safety in responding to a query about energy policy
Taiwan News
2013-03-28 09:48 AM
Query from Taiwan News on March 12:

Attention: Taiwan Power Company

With many countries in the world outlining their own energy policies, we wonder whether Taiwan currently has a long-term comprehensive energy policy on hand?

Taipower replied March 12 as follows:

To comply with the principal directives of the energy policy for electricity such as ensuring nuclear power safety, decreasing nuclear power moderately, ensuring an adequate power supply, promoting reasonable electricity rate and fulfilling the carbon reduction commitment, we have examined nuclear safety comprehensively and enhanced the preparedness and rescue capabilities for multi-catastrophes, and each nuclear plant has completed the decennial integrated safety evaluation in advance to ensure nuclear power safety. Besides, we have promoted energy conservation and load management to reduce power demand and peak load, and also planned to develop more alternative energy such as renewable energy resources and high efficient coal/gas generation to replace nuclear power generation moderately to ensure an adequate power supply.

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