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MND: 30 sorties by ROC aircraft near ADIZ overlaps
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2013-12-02 05:28 PM
Minister of National Defense Yan Ming revealed Monday that in the week that has passed since China announced its imposition of an East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone aircraft from Taiwan have made some 20 to 30 flights in areas where that zone overlaps with Taiwan’s ADIZ.

The minister’s disclosure came during a report to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Legislative Yuan on the implications of the new ADIZ for Taiwan.

Yan noted that Taiwan’s ADIZ includes an area used as a target zone for Air Force training missions as well as regular patrol areas. He noted that since the Chinese ADIZ was established Air Force aircraft have made two dozen or so forays into the vicinity.

Yan told the committee that if Chinese aircraft penetrate the airspace, the military will respond in accordance with established procedures that call for intruding aircraft to identify themselves and state the purpose of their flight. He added that if the intruding aircraft do not respond to calls to identify themselves, they will be considered unidentified aircraft. In that case the procedure is to observe and intercept the aircraft and be prepared to shoot down the intruding aircraft if necessary.

Yan Ming said the MND has studied the legal implications of the air defense zones and procedures to be followed, in particular in respect to areas in the vicinity of Tiaoyutai. The ministry has also studied a variety of possible scenarios should an incident involving Chinese and Japanese ships or aircraft occur, including whether to heighten combat readiness and reconnaissance patrols to prevent hostile aircraft from entering Taiwan’s air space and to and conduct humanitarian rescues if necessary..

Legislator Lin Yu-fang suggested that the MND step up training for pilots flying to the R8 target zone near the overlap area for bombing and strafing exercises. Yan explained that the Air Force has not curtailed already planned activities in this area but will avoid stepped-up activity or anything else that might possibly heighten tensions in the area. Meanwhile the military will carry on with routine duties in the area.

MAC Vice Chairman Chang Hsien-yao said that over the weekend MAC had expressed dissatisfaction with the establishment of the East China Sea ADIZ. He said the committee noted that the ADIZ leaves little room for maneuvering for the two sides in discussions about sovereignty, adding that Taiwan’s position has not changed a bit because of the declaration of the zone.

Chang said that President Ma had ordered the Executive Yuan to deliver a statement expressing its dissatisfaction with China’s unilateral declaration of the ADIZ. The President also told the Yuan to inform China that the establishment of the zone would do nothing to change Taiwan’s position on sovereignty or the existing ADIZs maintained by the Republic of China.

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