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LY Committee resolves to send Huang Shih-ming to Control Yuan
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2013-12-02 05:28 PM
Chief Prosecutor Huang Shih-ming once more refused to appear for questioning before the Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee of the Legislative Yuan on Monday as part of its review of the Organization Act for the Ministry of Justice. With Huang’s failure to appear, the committee passed a resolution calling for Huang to be referred to the Control Yuan for punishment and for the operating budget of the Special Investigation Division (SID) to be cancelled.

The committee was set to begin initial discussion of amendments to certain provisions in the draft version of the Organic Law when it was suddenly informed that Huang would not show up, triggering a dispute between ruling and opposition lawmakers.

The committee quickly passed a resolution condemning Huang for his absence and resolving to refer him to the Control Yuan for punishment. It also called for cancellation of the budgets for the Special Investigative Group of the Supreme Prosecutors Office as well as that of SID and its supporting staff. Informed of the committee’s action, Chang Chin-feng, spokesman for SID, said the agency had no comment.

The Judicial and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee has attempted to call Huang Shih-ming in for questioning and discussions several times in the past, meeting with repeated refusals from the Chief Prosecutor to appear. On one occasion Huang was called in along with Minister of Justice Lo Ying-shay. Lo showed up as requested but Huang was once more a no-show, and questioning of the minister led her to admit that Huang “doesn’t listen to what I say.”

Huang’s refusal to appear Monday prompted KMT legislator Liao Cheng-ching to say that if the Legislative Yuan and even the Ministry of Justice cannot compel him to show up, he should be turned over to the Control Yuan for disposition, adding that the Control Yuan may not treat him very gently.

Ker Chien-ming, the General Convener of the DPP legislative caucus, criticized Huang for his cavalier attitude toward the Legislative Yuan. Ker said that Huang apparently feels that he is free to act as he wants when he is called in for questioning, deciding himself whether or not he wants to respond.

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