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DPP honors KMT plan to review Wang-Ker case at Legislature
Central News Agency
2013-12-02 11:30 PM
Taipei, Dec. 2 (CNA) The opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said Monday it respects the ruling Kuomintang's (KMT's) plan to push the Legislature to review the influence peddling case involving DPP caucus whip Ker Chien-ming and legislative speaker Wang Jin-pyng. However, the DPP advised the KMT to explain why no KMT lawmakers attended a meeting of the Legislative Yuan's Discipline Committee on Nov. 29, in which the committee decided not to discipline Ker on the ground that no case could be made against him. Both the KMT and DPP have each eight lawmakers serving as members of the Discipline Committee. When the committee tackled accusations that Ker was involved in the influence peddling case, only eight members were present -- all DPP lawmakers. DPP legislative caucus whip Gao Jyh-peng said he respects the KMT's plan to table a motion in a legislative plenary session to have the Discipline Committee revisit the case. But first, the KMT should explain why no KMT lawmakers were present when the committee was deciding whether or not to discipline Ker. "Do you mean to tell me that all KMT members of the committee were engaged in other businesses at that time?" Gao asked. In a resolution passed on Nov. 29, the legislative Discipline Committee said that based on the testimony of those involved, Ker never tried to lobby anyone to prevent a prosecutor in charge of his court case to appeal a ruling in his favor. Ker was accused by the Special Investigation Division (SID) under the Supreme Prosecutors Office on Sept. 6 of having Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng interfere in a court case on his behalf. The SID alleged that Wang asked then-Justice Minister Tseng Yung-fu and chief prosecutor Chen Shou-huang to urge a prosecutor not to appeal a breach of trust case in which Ker had been found not guilty after two previous guilty verdicts. Ker denied having ever asked Wang to lobby on his behalf and requested the Legislative Yuan's Discipline Committee on Sept. 17 to investigate the SID accusations. The SID revelations sparked a political maelstrom, leading to Tseng's resignation and the revocation of Wang's party membership by the KMT, a move that was later blocked by a court injunction. Tseng did not attend the Nov. 29 legislative committee meeting while Wang and State Prosecutor-General Huang Shyh-ming, who oversees the SID, presented written statements. Only Chen, the chief prosecutor of the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office, attended the meeting to defend himself. Chen said Ker never contacted him about the breach of trust case. He also denied that he ordered Lin Hsiu-tao, the prosecutor in charge of Ker's case, not to appeal the Taiwan High Court ruling in Ker's favor. On Monday, KMT chief whip Lin Hung-chih said when the Discipline Committee adopted the resolution that there is no case to be made against Ker last Friday, "no KMT lawmakers happened to be present." Also, Huang's written statement came on the same day as the committee gathered to discuss on the case. "There's no time for lawmakers to digest it," Lin claimed, adding the resolution was made in a unilateral manner. (By Chen Wei-ting and Elizabeth Hsu)
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