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Tsai Der-sheng: Taiwan will use force if needed to protect ADIZ
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2013-12-04 11:54 AM
On Tuesday National Security Bureau Director Tsai Der-sheng, told the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Legislative Yuan that Taiwan is prepared to use force to defend its Air Defense Identification Zone is necessary. Tsai appeared before the committee to explain the government’s position in advising airlines to submit flight plans to China for flights on routes that will take aircraft through the ADIZ announced by China on November 23.

Queried about the significance of US Vice President Joe Biden’s current trip to East Asia, Tsai pointed out that arrangements for Biden 's visit to China, Korea and Japan were made six months ago and his visit is not directly related to the East China Sea ADIZ. He added, however, that he believes Biden will express the US position on the ADIZ to leaders in the countries he visits and discuss how to handle the new zone.

Tsai said that the US has already urged that issues related to the East China Sea be resolved through peaceful dialogue. He said that the US has indicated that it does not approve of the East China Sea ADIZ and that it will follow a policy of "opposition by the military and recognition by civil elements", requiring civil aircraft planning to pass through the zone to notify China in advance.

Asked whether Taiwan’s position on the zone is closer to that of the US, Japan or China, Tsai replied that the highest priority at present is the safety of passengers and civil aircraft transiting the zone. He said that airlines have been advised to inform Chinese authorities of their flight plans and emphasized that the Ministry of National Defense stands ready to use force if necessary to defend Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone.

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