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US lawmaker: No Iran cheating on nuclear deal yet
Congressman says no Iran cheating on nuclear deal yet; administration urges no new penalties
Associated Press
2013-12-05 03:22 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee says there is no evidence yet that Iran is violating last month's nuclear accord with world powers.

Rep. Adam Schiff notes Iranian claims about work at their nuclear facility at Arak. But he says there is no indication of work on the heavy water reactor there or other activity that is banned under the nuclear agreement.

Schiff spoke to The Associated Press after attending a private briefing at the Capitol Wednesday by Obama administration officials.

Schiff says the administration strongly warned against new penalties on Iran while nuclear talks continue.

Senators are preparing such a measure for consideration when they return to work next week. But aides say Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has signaled that he will not fast-track any such legislation.

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