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China Times: 'Taiwan, I love you'
Central News Agency
2013-12-05 11:14 AM
Chen Deming, president of China's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, recently concluded his first visit to Taiwan since assuming the position in April. During his week-long trip, the top Chinese negotiator with Taiwan visited eight counties and cities in northern, central and southern Taiwan and called on leading Taiwanese companies, including TSMC, HTC, Delta Electronics Inc. and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. He also went to the popular mountain resort of Alishan and shopped at the Eslite Bookstore. On many occasions, Chen used sentimental language to express his feelings, saying that he wanted to feel "Taiwan's heartbeat." He also responded by saying "Taiwan, I love you" when greeted by local people. During a visit to the Kaohsiung Software Technology Park, he even spoke in English: "We have the same dream, flying over Taiwan and China." Having served as China's commerce minister and as mayor of Suzhou City, Chen has a great deal of experience dealing with exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan. The language he used highlights that mutual goodwill is a precious treasure that can create an important opportunity for the two sides of the Taiwan Strait to resolve their differences and seek common ground. Unlike in the past, when visits by Chinese officials often triggered strong protests by local pro-independence groups, only sporadic protests were seen this time. The change demonstrates that cross-strait relations have indeed made considerable progress. Just as Evergreen Group Chairman Chang Jung-fa said during his meeting the Chen, the two sides of the strait, which speak the same language and eat similar food, should be able to exchange views on many issues just like family. Despite the differences existing between them, the peoples and societies of Taiwan and China actually share more similarities than differences. If they continue to stick to a friendly approach and promote various cooperation programs based on goodwill, cross-strait peace and prosperity will be within reach. (Editorial abstract -- Dec. 5, 2013) (By Y.F. Low)
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