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Leak: Control Yuan to recommend Huang Shih-ming be impeached
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2013-12-09 11:06 AM
After the Control Yuan failed to impeach Chief Prosecutor Huang Shih-ming on charges of illegally leaking details of an ongoing investigation to President Ma Ying-jeou last month, members Hung Teh-hsuan and Frank Wu came and said they would seek to have the case re-examined by the Yuan. Meanwhile, Huang is also being sued by the Ministry of Justice through the Prosecutorial and Judicial Evaluation Commission, and an unnamed member of the commission said Sunday that the Control Yuan was aware of that development. The source noted that the commission’s investigation of Huang will involve breach of ethics and norms, saying "the charges have been specified and the facts and reasons are being drawn up," and adding that by the middle of December a report could be sent to the Control Yuan with a recommendation that Huang Shih-ming be impeached.

The prosecutors investigating Huang and the Special Investigation Division on charges of illegal monitoring and wiretapping of Chen Shou-huang and Lin Hsiu-tao as well as leaks of confidential information will hold a final meeting the morning of December 14 to make a decision on the case. The meeting will be followed by a press conference at 3:30PM to announce the results of the investigation and the meeting.

One commission member surmised that the report would probably lead to impeachment of Huang by the Control Yuan, explaining that "if the authorities did not think impeachment was necessary, they would not forward the case,"

Meanwhile the Control Yuan had been set to begin a review of the Huang case for the second time on Tuesday, but after several members informed the Yuan that they would not be able to attend, the review will be re-scheduled.

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