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Israel, Jordan, Palestinians sign water agreement
Israel signs regional water agreement with Jordan, Palestinians
Associated Press
2013-12-10 03:22 AM

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel says it has signed an agreement with the Palestinians and Jordan to build a pipeline channeling water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea.

The water will be desalinated at a new facility in Jordan and used by Israel and Jordan. Some of the water will be used to help replenish the shrinking Dead Sea.

An Israeli government statement said the 180-kilometer (111-mile) pipeline is expected to cost at least $300 million and will take three years to complete. Some 200 million cubic feet of water will be drawn each year. The Palestinians say Israel is set to provide them with some of the water.

The agreement was signed in Washington on Monday. The deal is part of a yearslong effort to address water issues in the region.

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