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MOI: More risky hillside developments in Xizhi, Xindian
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2013-12-10 03:18 PM
With the matter of Qingjing’s illegal developments in Nantou sitting on the back burner for a couple of weeks, Interior Minister Lee Hung-yuan stoked more fires Monday when he indicated there are a number of areas where developments in potential disaster areas present problems even more serious than those in Nantou County. Asked for examples, Lee pointed to hillside developments in the Xizhi and Xindian areas of New Taipei City.

Lee appeared in a talk show on Radio UFO Monday in which he told a program host that while Taiwan has seen significant improvements in recent years in water and air pollution, other problems like the overdevelopment at Qingjing Farms are very serious. He said the size of the problems in other places like New Taipei City means that the government will have to develop short and long-term plans and implement them step by step to address them.

Lee said there are also places in Miaoli County like Nanzhuang, Zao Qiao and San Wan that have been overbuilt. In most instances, said Lee, the central government has taken notice of the problem but local governments have done little or nothing to enforce regulations. Lee said his ministry will follow the same pattern now being used to evaluate and handle illegal development in Qingjing, calling on local governments to produce a comprehensive inventory of problem areas for Miaoli’s Nanzhuang Township and other at-risk areas.

The Interior Minister added that this problem is not just now coming to the government’s attention. He noted that in 2010 the Control Yuan censured the Nantou County Government, which has since carried out several studies in the area and ordered the leveling of four structures last year.

Lee said that the ministry will deliver a report on developments in unsafe areas within the next two weeks and will begin taking action to clear hostels built in potential trouble spots. He said that if the Nantou County Government says it does not have the funds to carry out demolition the central government is prepared to assist in footing the cost.

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