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Siemens advocates a sustainable future and energy policy in Taiwan
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2013-12-10 06:04 PM
A documentary recently draws attentions island-wide to the beauty of Taiwan as well as environmental damage following the over-development and over-exploitation of natural resources. Directed by Chi Po-lin from a bird's eye perspective, “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above” documents the improper development and pollution on the island. Taiwan's Premier Jiang Yi-huah was also moved by this film, pledging to confront the problems and to develop economy in a sustainable way.

Taiwan does need a sustainable energy policy. In a Tuesday's workshop in Taipei City, German-based Siemens has unveiled its "Future of Energy" and "Future of Manufacturing" concepts to the audience. Siemens expressed the hopes to assist Taiwan in modernizing its traditional power plants and also to forge development of renewable energies, further creating a sustainable and healthy energy mix.

Siemens Taiwan President and CEO Erdal Elver said in the workshop that the company is about to embark on its 60th year in Taiwan and will continue to provide Taiwan with state-of-the-art green solutions that contribute to healthy growth.

A global energy research carried out by Siemens indicates that worldwide power demand by 2030 will rise by more than half from today, but that the volume of CO2 emissions associated with power generation will rise by a quarter. Consequently, the entire energy supply chain is undergoing changes in the face of global energy challenges and climate protection.

According to Siemens, Taiwan's traditional coal-fired power plants are aging and emit high levels of carbon emissions. Using natural gas instead of coal for power generation should be considered. Siemens has developed its H-Class Combined Cycle Gas Turbine, which has achieved a proven world-record efficiency of 60.75%. This combined-cycle operation also features CO2 emissions up to 75% less than traditional coal-fired plants, helping Taiwan in developing sustainable and clean energy sources.

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