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China unlikely to declare South China Sea ADIZ in short term: experts
Central News Agency
2013-12-10 11:18 PM
Taipei, Dec. 10 (CNA) China is unlikely to declare an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) over the territory it claims in the South China Sea any time soon, experts said Tuesday, despite Beijing's unilateral announcement of an ADIZ covering disputed areas of the East China Sea. Both Chen I-hsin of Tamkang University's Graduate Institute of American Studies, an expert on regional security, and Fan Shih-ping of National Taiwan Normal University's Graduate Institute of Political Science said that China will be too busy in the short term to focus on a second controversial ADIZ. Speaking at a conference on China's development, Chen said he believes that the creation of ADIZs over the two areas of sea is a "planned policy" of the Chinese military. "The East China Sea ADIZ was set up to challenge Japan. China likely never imagined that the demarcation would cause reactions from Australia and South Korea," he said. The overwhelmingly negative response to the first ADIZ, expected to continue into next year, means China will postpone its plans for a second one, though Chen predicted Beijing would not abandon its plans outright. Fan echoed Chen's view, saying that Chinese authorities will be too busy resolving the problems created by the first ADIZ to announce a second one in the South China Sea, which is disputed by more countries than the East China Sea. Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense on Dec. 1 released a report saying that there is a possibility China will set up an ADIZ in the South China Sea as a means of backing up its claims to territories disputed by Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. (By Hsiao Pao-hsiang and Elizabeth Hsu)
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