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MND seeks better pay for all-volunteer force
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2013-12-11 01:51 PM
Taiwan's military recruitment will fall far short of its target this year, said the Ministry of National Defense (MND) Tuesday. In a report to the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee of the Legislative Yuan on Wednesday, the ministry stated that it is looking for a pay raise for volunteers recruited from 2014 as an incentive to encourage more young people to sign up.

According to the MND, Taiwan's armed forces recruited 8,603 men and women in the first 11 months of 2013, just 30.15 percent of the ministry’s target of 28,531 recruits and surprisingly, 291 less than the number recruited in the same period last year.

The MND attributed the shortfall to a less attractive benefit package that made the military less competitive in the job market. The MND was earlier rumored to have proposed a monthly pay raise of NT$4000 for the volunteer force, but the Executive Yuan said it had no plans to act on such an increase.

Defense Minister Yen Ming appeared before the committee Wednesday to brief lawmakers on the progress of the military's efforts to shift to an all-volunteer force. Earlier this year, the defense ministry decided to delay its schedule for implementing an all-volunteer force until the end of 2016 as it currently is unable to recruit enough people to meet its targets.

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