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Japan's representative to Taiwan touts bilateral ties
Central News Agency
2013-12-11 10:25 PM
Taipei, Dec. 11 (CNA) Japan's representative to Taiwan, Sumio Tarui, touted the ties between the two countries and vowed to help advance the bilateral relations, at a reception in Taipei on Wednesday to celebrate the 80th birthday of Japan's Emperor Akihito. In an address at the event, Tarui said Taiwan and Japan have close links in the areas of trade, culture and people-to-people exchanges. He noted that Taiwan and Japan signed a fishery agreement in April to address fishing disputes in an area in the East China Sea where the two countries' exclusive economic zones overlap. He said the two sides signed five agreements in November to cooperate in areas such as electronic commerce and the protection of patent applicants. They also signed a memorandum of understanding on financial supervision late last month, he added. On people-to-people exchanges, Tarui said each of the two countries is about to register record high visitor arrivals from the other side. In the area of cultural exchanges, he noted that the renowned Japanese musical theater troupe Takarazuka Revue gave a series of performances in Taiwan earlier this year and that items from the prized collection of Taiwan's National Palace Museum (NPM) will be exhibited in Japan in 2014. Tarui said he expects the ties between Taiwan and Japan to grow even stronger. Meanwhile, he said, the Japanese people will not forget Taiwan's generous aid in the wake of a powerful earthquake and tsunami that hit northeast Japan in March 2011. The celebration in Taiwan of the emperor's birthday was attended by more than 100 people, including Foreign Minister David Lin and Lee Chia-chin, chairman of the Association of East Asian Relations, which handles the interests of the Republic of China in Japan. In his speech, Lin said relations between Taiwan and Japan are at their best in 40 years. He also said he expects to see a record 3.5 million visitors between the two sides for 2013. Echoing the views of the other speakers on the strong ties between the two countries, Lee said he hopes Taiwan and Japan will sign an economic cooperation agreement in the near future. The celebration was hosted by the Taipei office of Japan's Interchange Association, which represents Japanese interests in Taiwan in the absence of diplomatic ties between the two countries. (By Elaine Hou)
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