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Su Tseng-chang: I would be happy to talk with Ko Wen-je
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2013-12-12 10:53 AM
DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang said Wednesday that he would be delighted to talk with noted physician Wen-Je Ko about the Taipei mayoral race and the party’s nomination process for the election, Su told reporters as he was heading into a meeting of the party Central Standing Committee that he was very happy that Ko had contacted him and that he would arrange a proper time to meet him. He explained that he has been visiting grass-roots elements in the party in Pingtung and Changhua over the past few days and has not had time for much else, but added that he is sure that a meeting with Ko would be very cordial and productive.

A member of the Ko camp called the chairman’s office Wednesday, to inquire about the party and what is involved in participating in the DPP primaries, in particular whether the only way to participate in the primary is to join the party. Su said although party officials have not directly answered the latter question, that the door of the party of always open and they hope to “take the high road’ in working out and problems that may arise. That means fair and impartial treatment for all comers who are interested in the party, he added.

As to whether the DPP would continue to coordinate with Ko he should decide he does not want to not join the party, Su could only say that the DPP is a responsible and democratic political organization which naturally will nominate a candidate for mayor in the nation’s capital. He emphasized that the party operates fairly and reasonably – these are all things that he has made very clear in the past as party chairman. He said the DPP welcomes all who love democracy and will work to make Taipei a better city. The party has the same ideals and the same goals, and stands ready to work together to win the election for mayor.

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