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Spain's Catalonia sets 'independence' poll date
Spain's Catalonia sets Nov. 9, 2014 for 'independence' referendum, unveils questions
Associated Press
2013-12-12 10:01 PM

MADRID (AP) -- The president of Spain's regional government of Catalonia says he wants to hold an independence referendum on Nov. 9, 2014, setting the stage for more confrontation with the national government which refuses to allow a vote on independence.

Artur Mas said Thursday the referendum would ask voters first they want Catalonia to be a state and if so, should it be independent. The distinction between a state and an independent state has not been clarified.

Spain's Constitution says only the central government can call a referendum and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy recently rejected a request by Mas to allow one.

Polls indicate that Catalans are roughly evenly split on independence. The European Union and NATO have warned Catalonia it would be excluded if it seceded.

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