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ASE Chung-li plant partially shutdowned after violation found
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2013-12-16 10:48 AM
Officials in Taoyuan ordered Advanced Semiconductor Engineering’s (ASE) plant in Chung-li City, Taoyuan, to shut down three wafer-cutting machines after inspectors found the plant discharging 1,275 metric tons of untreated wastewater over the past two months.

On late Saturday, officials of Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) of Taoyuan County Government revisited ASE's plant in Chung-li and found a concealed pipeline leaking untreated industrial wastewater in violation of Article 18 of the Water Pollution Control Act. Officials later demanded a shutdown of three wafer-cutting machines which fed wastewater into an overflow tank that had not been registered as required.

According to media reports, ASE's plant in Chung-li had been fined ten times with a total up to NT$754,000 since its operation in 2004 over violations of water pollution controls.

ASE’s toxic wastewater scandal has raised concern that its partial shutdown would leave a negative impact on the country’s already slow-growing economy. ASE accounts for one-third of global market share of the IC testing and packaging market, shutting down ASE would break the supply chain of the semiconductor market, said Lu Chih-yuan, president of Macronix International Co., a leading provider of flash memory products.

ASE’s plant in Chung-li City can file for resuming normal operations of three wafer-cutting machines as long as officials find improvements in wastewater management and no more leaking of toxic wastewaster.

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