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Economic Daily News: Revitalize business ethics
Central News Agency
2013-12-16 10:34 AM
It was recently found that several factories belonging to Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE) were releasing toxic wastewater into rivers. This incident, along with overdevelopment at the scenic Cingjing area and a spate of food fraud scandals, has exposed the many visible and invisible hazards in our surroundings and the shortsightedness of Taiwan's business people. ASE, a semiconductor packaging and test services provider, is one of Taiwan's major hi-tech companies, with an annual production value of over NT$200 billion. ASE Chairman Jason Chang is Taiwan's 14th richest person, with a personal net worth of more than NT$50 billion. Such a big company definitely has the ability and technology to treat its wastewater but it has chosen to sacrifice the public interest to save costs. How many more cases like that one are yet to be uncovered? This may be something our environmental protection authorities dare not face. Just as Taiwan's natural beauty has been severely damaged, the country's image as a food paradise has also been ruined by scandals such as plasticizer contamination, toxic starch and adulterated oils and rice. The environmental problems and food safety issues all point to a lack of business ethics. To revitalize business ethics and rescue Taiwan's future, an awareness campaign should be initiated within the private sector so as to refocus companies' attention on law compliance and corporate social responsibility. (Editorial abstract -- Dec. 16, 2013) (By Y.F. Low)
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