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Yang Wei-chung:: Stop harboring Ker Chien-ming
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2013-12-16 11:33 AM
On Sunday KMT spokesman Yang Wei-chung chastised the DPP for what he called its refusal to face the facts about how the Special Investigation Division (SID) handled its investigation of DPP legislative whip Ker Chien-ming and alleged influence peddling by Wang Jin-pyng. Yang criticized DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang for showing disrespect to the nation’s judiciary and urged him to stop shielding Ker against investigation.

A press release issued by the KMT Sunday afternoon charged that when a report on SID was released on December 14 by the Prosecutor's Evaluation Committee, Su responded by demanding that President Ma Ying-jeou apologize immediately. Yang said the Committee made it clear that Chen Shou-huang of the Taiwan High Court and Prosecutor Lin Hsiu-tao Attorney had been approached in the influence peddling case involving Ker Chien-ming. Yang said this obviously indicated that Ker had been successful in asking for help from Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng, seriously complicating Ker’s court case and leading to divisive controversy that has persisted for the past few months.

Yang said when Su told reporters December 14 that he could not comment on the Ker case because he had not yet seen the evaluation committee’s report, he was evading his responsibilities as party leader. Yang said he found it “‘really incredible” that Su would evade such questions regarding a member of the party.

Yang pointed out that Su has stated publicly that if Ker Chien-ming was involved in influence peddling, the DPP would not try to cover it up. Yet nearly three months later, said Yang, Ker Chien-ming has used the Legislative Yuan as a platform to lambast judicial officers and damage the integrity of the Ministry of Justice. Yang charged that Su has not only been indifferent to Ker’s actions, sometimes he even actively participates in them. He said that now that the evaluation committee has presented its findings in the matter, Su should face reality and stop shielding and coddling Ker Chien-ming.

Yang said that SID has handled many major cases since it was established by the DPP administration of Chen Shui-bian seven years ago. It has worked on four major cases of corruption involving former president Chen and several judges as well as former Executive Yuan Secretary-General Chen Yi-shih. Yang said the Legislative Yuan laid out SID’s functions when it was set up on December 31, 2006, and now some in the DPP are clamoring for the agency to be shut down in order to protect Ker Chien-ming. Yang said this is affecting the reputation and effectiveness of the SID and the KMT is firmly opposed to such actions by the DPP.

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