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Qingjing illegal developments to be closed but not demolished
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2013-12-19 10:50 AM
Following the Ministry of the Interior’s (MOI) release Wednesday of a list of seven illegal B&Bs in Nantou County Magistrate Chen Chih-ching announced that the county government was prepared to take action to close down the resorts.

The county government said that some of the designated businesses may be able to submit an application within one month to continue operating, noting that some of the properties are "legal as farmhouse, but illegal as B&Bs." In such cases the county cannot order them to be demolished immediately.

Interior Minister Lee Hong-yuan explained that to resolve this impasse his ministry must wait for the Ministry of Economic Affairs to publish its report on geologically sensitive areas so authorities will have a legal basis for further action on the seven businesses.

The central government also announced the results of its preliminary investigation on Wednesday. The study establishes three classes of land in the Qingjing area for handling legal issues, based on geological conditions – priority areas, strengthened conservation areas, and other areas. The former two classes indicate land that is located in more dangerous areas prone to landslides as the result of earthquakes and heavy rains.

Only four weeks ago the MOI released a list of 115 B&Bs in Qingjing which it said were is fully legitimate. On Wednesday the ministry said, however, that only five of the businesses on the list were completely legal according to county records: the Chingjing CBS Farm; Feng Tyan Resort Farm; Jenku Garden Resort Village; Shan Hai Guan Home Stay; and Abin. The other 110 developments on the list, or 95.6% of the total are all illegal, the ministry now says.

Seven of the locations in the more dangerous "priority" and "strengthened conservation" areas were identified as not legally registered according to county records.

Vice Interior Minister Hsiao Chia-chi said that based on the Construction Law, businesses which are registered as farmhouses but operating illegally as B&Bs will be required to revert back to farmhouse status, otherwise they will be fined up to NT$60,000 and utilities to illegal improvements will be cut off.

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