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Jason Chang promises action on ASE effluent woes
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2013-12-22 05:13 PM
ASE chairman Jason Chang called on Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu Sunday morning to shed some light on how the company plans to improve its operations after being caught illegally discharging untreated effluent into a nearby creek and directly into the waters of the Taiwan Strait. In a session lasting more than an hour. Chang told the mayor that ASE would act as quickly as possible to ensure that in the future any wastewater discharge by ASE plants will be entirely in line with international environmental standards.

Mayor Chen was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Liu Shih-fang and Chen Chin-teh, head of the city’s Environmental Protection Bureau, while Chang showed up with Chief Operating Officer Wu Tien-yu and several other key executives. The meeting was open to the media for only about ten minutes before reporters were ushered out and the talks continued. Afterwards Chang declined to talk to the media and Chen Chu explained briefly the gist of the ASE chairman’s remarks.

Chen said Chang noted that ASE has operated in Kaohsiung for more than 30 years and that its employees are the company's greatest asset. He noted that, the company will protect the interests of all employees and plans to carry out its year-end banquet at all Kaohsiung plants as planned. Second, said Chang, ASE will rectify its handling of wastewater as soon as possible, ensuring that it meets international environmental standards. Third, ASE is anxious to retain all of its international customers and hopes to return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Chen said the government’s decision to shut down ASE K7 plant was a tough one, and she believes Chairman Chang is also in a very serious mood. She emphasized that the shutdown is being imposed in accordance with the law, and meeting face to face with the chairman is a positive sign. She said that everyone hopes there will be no real losers in this incident and the city will maintain good relations with the company in the future. She also said the city's position on pollution is very clear.

Chen said Chang thanked the city for giving ASE the chance to communicate. He stressed that everyone hopes to return to work as soon as possible and said repeatedly that employees will work to bring its discharges in line with international environmental standards so the plant can return to normal operations.

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