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High-profile Chinese philanthropist to invest in Taiwan next year
Central News Agency
2013-12-25 11:25 PM
Shanghai, Dec. 25 (CNA) High-profile Chinese philanthropist Chen Guangbiao plans to invest in Taiwan's green energy sector, the recycling resources magnate told CNA in a Wednesday phone interview. Chen, whose unique way of showing off his wealth by giving it away has won him fans and detractors on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, said he is planning to register a company in Taiwan in the upcoming year. In addition to developing the ecological protection industry in Taiwan, he also plans to tap into solar energy, thanking "some in Taiwan for helping me with market surveys." Chen impressed the Taiwanese with a flamboyant display of generosity when he handed out envelopes of cash to passers-by during a visit in 2011. He showed up again in the headlines, when he publicized a photo of him with a 16-ton "money wall" made entirely out of cash and worth about 1.5 billion yuan (US$247 million) in Nanjing. He said that if Taiwan would accept it, he would donate all of the money pictured to help build a bridge between the Taiwan-held island of Kinmen and the Chinese city of Xiamen. Upon hearing the news, ruling and opposition politicians in Kinmen expressed a cautious welcome. Kinmen County Magistrate Li Wo-shi expressed appreciation for Chen's offer, but also noted that such infrastructure projects have to be decided upon by Taiwan's central government. Hsieh Tung-lung, a Kuomintang (KMT) party whip in the KMT-controlled Kinmen County Council, said that the construction of a cross-strait bridge is tricky because it relates to cross-strait policies, but he would welcome Chen's contribution to peaceful relations between Taiwan and China. He noted, though, that Chinese donations will be sensitive ahead of a local election in 2014, so the issue would have to wait until afterward. Councilor Chen Tsang-chiang of the Democratic Progressive Party said that as long as Chen Guangbiao has no political intention, the donation is welcome. (By Chen Shou-kuo and Lilian Wu)
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