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Talk of the Day -- AsusTek wins order for 3rd generation Nexus
Central News Agency
2013-12-26 10:59 PM
AsusTek Computer Inc. has defeated HTC Corp. and LG Corp. to win the order for Google Inc.'s third generation Nexus tablet computer, according to South Korea's technology website BLOTER.NET. Some market analysts said previously that Google might not continue its partnership with AsusTek in launching a third generation Nexus tablet after having collaborated with the Taiwanese computer giant in introducing its first and second generations of Nexus tablet. They even speculated that Google might partner with either another Taiwanese technology firm HTC or South Korea's LG Corp. in launching its new generation of Nexus tablet. The BLOTER.NET reported Wednesday that AsusTek has once again beaten its rivals to secure Google's order for its third generation Nexus tablet. Meanwhile, American business magazine Forbes said in a Dec. 24 report that Taiwan is losing coveted contract tablet PC orders to China because of China's prices, speed and flexibility in getting jobs done. The report quoted Joen Yang, a senior industry analyst with Taiwan's government-funded research institute Market Intelligence & Consulting (MIC), as saying that the trend has not only hit contracts for low-end tablets but has also begun affecting the high-end ones. Tablet shipments from Taiwan have dived from a historic high of about 35 million units in the fourth quarter of 2012 to less than 25 million in the third quarter of this year, according to MIC statistics. Yang told Forbes that Taiwanese tablet makers still receive orders from Amazon, Apple and Google as well as Taiwanese firm Acer with their good record for quality. But she said two other noted tablet brands -- one American and the other Japanese -- shifted orders to China in the second half of this year. The following are excerpts from a special report in the Thursday edition of the Economic Daily News on possible continued partnership between AsusTek and Google: AsusTek scored a big success after collaborating with Google in launching first generation Nexus 7. Google partnered with AsusTek again in marketing the second generation Nexus, breaking its previous tradition of choosing new partners in launching new products. BLOTER.NET said Wednesday that as Google has built up good partnership with AsusTek, the two firms will join forces again in launching the third generation Nexus next year. The new Nexus will likely come with 8-inch display, the Korean website said. While Nexus enjoys booming sales, profits are relatively low, market analysts said. But they said AsusTek has managed to enhance its global brand recognition through its partnership with Google. (Dec. 26, 2013). (By Sofia Wu)
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