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Rival tablet manufacturers launch in Haiti
Rival tablet manufacturers launch in Haiti, hoping to build tech industry
Associated Press
2013-12-28 03:22 AM

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) -- Two tech companies in Haiti have launched competing businesses to sell Android tablets.

Startups Surtab SA and Handxom SA began production last month and plan to sell the 7-inch touchscreen devices to phone stores nationwide and markets overseas.

Surtab executives say they have already sold a batch of the tablets to the University of Pittsburgh. A Handxom executive says that the company has sold 300 units in the past two weeks and will open a showroom in January.

Both companies purchase parts in China and assemble them in Haiti.

The businesses are unusual in a country with little recent experience in electronics manufacturing. Most of the assembly companies have been limited to sewing T-shirts, which are exported to North America.

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