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UN peacekeepers crack down on protest in Liberia
UN peacekeepers in Liberia crack down on mission's civilian employees, protesting work rules
Associated Press
2013-12-28 09:01 AM

MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) -- Civilian employees of the United Nations Mission in Liberia have clashed with the United Nations armed peacekeepers in a protest over what they claim are unfavorable work conditions.

An Associated Press reporter saw four U.N. workers manhandled by U.N. troops, including one who was knocked down, after the workers tried to block the main entrance to the U.N. base on Friday.

The workers are protesting a change in the time they are picked up for work. They claim the U.N. is asking them to be outside for pickup by 5 a.m., a time they say is unsafe in this war-recovering capital.

A U.N. officer commanding the troops declined to comment. The U.N. mission was established in 2003, just after ex-warlord Charles Taylor stepped down as president and went into exile.

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