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Talk of the Day -- Taiwan-funded dam turns Nepal town into crop land
Central News Agency
2013-12-30 11:19 PM
World Vision Taiwan (WVT), a Christian charity, financed construction of an irrigation system in a remote eastern Nepal village to collect water into a reservoir last year. The irrigation network, built with funds donated by Taiwanese people, has since helped turn the barren village of Rauta into arable agricultural plot. The village chief said it's a mission that only God can accomplish. "We appreciate the people of Taiwan who have helped change our land and our life," he said. The following is an excerpt from the Monday edition of the United Daily News on the WVT's aid program in Nepal: Kuo Hsiung-ling, head of the WVT's resources development department, said the reservoir project has helped improve living conditions and way of life in Rauta. The WVT organized a team to visit the Nepal town earlier this month. Among the team members were popular TV host Chen Chien-chou and his wife Christine Fan. Team members had to take a 40-minute flight from the Nepal capital of Kathmandu to East Udayapur and then take a bus ride to reach Rauta. The mountain village had been barren and stricken with in poverty because of its special geographical location. For generations, its residents had to organize teams to take turns to get water from a faraway place. They have to walk mountain roads eight hours a day to get water from mountain streams. The task had been very tough and water collected could never be enough to meet the demand of 500 households in the village. Indra Tamang, director of the World Vision's East Udayapur Area Development Program, said Rauta residents could only plant drought- resistant peas and took bath once a year. "Rauta residents had often endured thirst and saved water for their livestocks ," he said, adding that most residents lived in poverty. Since the completion of the Taiwan-funded irrigation system, residents just need to take a 10-minute walk to get water. They have begun to plant rice and vegetables. In addition to their own consumption, local residents can sell their surplus crops to get more income. "Nowadays, Rauta residents can take bath every day," Tamang said. In addition to helping build the irrigation system, many Taiwan people have also made regular donations to help underprivileged Nepal children receive regular education under the WVT's child sponsorship program. (Dec. 30, 2013). (By Sofia Wu)
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