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Rubber Duck scheduled to reappear in Keelung Jan. 4
Central News Agency
2013-12-31 10:37 PM
Taipei, Dec. 31 (CNA) Following the loss of its 18-meter-tall Rubber Duck Tuesday afternoon, Keelung plans to call in for a replacement inflatable mallard set to arrive by Jan. 4, the chief organizer of the event said. Despite speculation, the new duck will not be the one previously displayed in Kaohsiung, but one made for the next stop of the world-famous art project's tour. Keelung City Council Speaker Huang Ching-tai, chief organizer for the art piece's exhibition in the port city, was tight-lipped about which country the new Rubber Duck was intended for, saying only it was in Southeast Asia. But he did reveal that it is being put together by a balloon-making firm in New Taipei called Airglow Co. and is 70 percent completed. The announcement follows the untimely passing of the Rubber Duck that sat in Keelung Port since Dec. 21, which unceremoniously popped just before 1 p.m. on New Year's Eve day due to as-of-yet unknown reasons. Fu Chao-ming, a physics professor at National Taiwan University, suspects the culprit may have been too much air pumped into the inflatable monolith. Fu dismissed suggestions that the burst that ripped the Rubber Duck open was caused by sudden temperature changes because the area has seen temperatures shift by a maximum of just nine degrees Celsius in the 10 days since the duck went on display. Instead, it was likely "too much air inside the Rubber Duck that made it unable to handle any more pressure," the physicist said. Keelung's Rubber Duck follows the same sad fate as one in Taoyuan County, which burst in early November apparently from taking in too much air too quickly as workers rushed to inflate the duck for visitors following inclement weather. Huang said that Keelung had chosen to go with a new duck because the duck from Kaohsiung, which was lent to Taoyuan following its loss, would probably not survive the strong northeast monsoons in Keelung after being battered by the elements twice before. The original Rubber Duck had been set to sit in Keelung Port through Feb. 28. (By Wang Chao-yu and Elizabeth Hsu)
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