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Brazil has worst trade surplus in 10 years
Brazil posts trade surplus of $2.561 billion, its lowest in more than a decade
Associated Press
2014-01-03 03:22 AM

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) -- Brazil says its 2013 trade surplus was the lowest in more than a decade.

The Trade Ministry said Thursday that Brazil posted a surplus of $2.561 billion, compared to the $19.396 billion surplus registered in 2012.

Brazilian exports in 2013 totaled $242.178 billion, 1 percent less than the previous year.

At the same time, imports rose 6.5 percent totaling $239.617 billion.

It was the worst result since 2000 when Brazil posted a trade deficit of $731 million.

The foreign trade performance is seen as the result of heavy fuel imports to satisfy a growing demand for gasoline and the international economic crisis that lowered demand for Brazilian commodities.

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