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Taiwan hopes to join US in Pacific naval exercise
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-05 03:36 PM
King Pu-tsung, the ROC de facto representative in the US, will appear before the National Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Legislative Yuan on Monday to report on the latest developments in Taiwan-US relations. King has disclosed that one part of his report will involve Taiwan’s hopes for closer military cooperation with the US in training exercise. Taiwan took part in 18 programs with the US last year and hopes to increase that number to 35 in the coming year. King said Taiwan is also actively seeking to participate in major US military exercises including the Pacific Rim exercise or Rimpac.

Military officials have pointed out that this year there will be a significant number of Taiwan-US military exchanges including air drills and joint search and rescue exercises. These exercises will enable ROC Air Force personnel to enhance their skills in handling C-130 cargo aircraft in the implementation of airdrops , air refueling and aeromedical evacuations as well as other professional skills, and also to practice their skills in exchanges with the armed forces of other allied nations .

In addition, the US has agreed to permit Taiwan to send army personnel to the US for the first time this year to observe US military forces and allies in joint communications and intelligence exercises. They will also visit the US National Training Center to observe brigade-sized forces in military operations and exercises against a unified fighting force .

King’s report will also call for Taiwan-US co-operation in dealing with disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea regions. King has stated that he believes that President Ma Ying-jeou’s proposed East China Sea Peace Initiative and the fisheries agreement signed between Taiwan and Japan are concrete evidence that diplomatic and political initiatives are indeed feasible in helping to ensure peace in the region through negotiated settlement of disputes. In the future Taiwan will continue to operate on the basis of the East China Sea Peace Initiative and a spirit of continued cooperation with the US and regional partners to ensure regional peace, stability and prosperity.

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