Lee Hong-yuan: two more expropriation cases in litigation
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-06 11:55 AM
Interior Minister Lee Hong-yuan appeared before the Legislative Yuan Monday, telling legislators that President Ma Ying-jeou had not made any specific instructions on the Dapu demolition case. He noted that he had conferred with Vice President Wu Den-yih and and Premier Jiang Yi-huah on their views on the principles involved in the case, but they had also not given any detailed instructions on how to handle it. Lee revealed that this is the first time the Ministry of the Interior has lost such a case, adding that two other cases are currently in litigation, the Airport MRT A7 case and the Changhua HSR Station case.

Lee said the ministry does not have anything to say about these two cases at the moment and he will wait until verdicts are announced in the cases before making any comment. He stressed that President Ma has not made any indications on the cases, and he has discussed them with Vice President Wu and Premier Jiang to understand their principles and views.

Lee said that in general government agencies will file an appeal when it loses a case if there is reason for doing so. He said the Ministry of the Interior will take everything into account and made a decision on whether to appeal based on pragmatism, reason and the law.

Asked by KMT legislator Chiang Chi-chen what plans the government has in the other expropriation cases, Lee said they are still under litigation and he cannot comment, noting only that they will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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