DPP threatens boycott of next Control Yuan
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-08 03:46 PM
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The opposition Democratic Progressive Party on Wednesday threatened the boycott the nomination of new Control Yuan members later in the year over the watchdog’s repeated failure to impeach Prosecutor-General Huang Shih-ming.

The Control Yuan voted six-to-six Tuesday on an impeachment motion which had already ended in a five-to-five tie last November 28. Regulations bar the top government watchdog body from considering impeachment for a third time.

Huang has been indicted for having leaked confidential information about an influence-peddling investigation targeting Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng to President Ma Ying-jeou before it was concluded. The top prosecutor denies the allegations, saying the results of the investigation had been clear by the time he met the president.

The Control Yuan even cast aside the professional recommendation to sack Huang reached by the Ministry of Justice Prosecutorial Evaluation Committee, DPP spokesman Lin Chun-hsien said Wednesday.

The outcome of the latest impeachment vote showed that the existence of the Control Yuan had no real value and that it could easily be abolished, he said. The members of the watchdog body were not interested in the merits of the case against Huang, but were only concerned about whether or not they would be nominated for another six-year term next June, according to Lin.

The president nominates the 29 members of the Control Yuan, including its president and vice president, for a six-year term but each member has to win the approval of the Legislative Yuan.

Lin called on lawmakers from both the DPP and the ruling Kuomintang to reject Ma’s nominations in June and to send his list back to where it had come from.

The DPP spokesman also asked KMT lawmakers to safeguard respect for the judiciary and support opposition proposals to reform the judicial system, which included the abolition of the Supreme Prosecutors Office Special Investigation Division (SID).

In addition to the information leak, the SID has been accused of placing illegal wiretaps on the Legislative Yuan to investigate the case against Wang. Prosecutors initially said they had only been eavesdropping on a legislative aide, but they later had to admit that the taps had been placed on a Legislative Yuan central exchange, even though they had reportedly yielded no usable material.

After the allegations against Wang became public at an SID news conference last September, the case grew into a political struggle between Ma and the legislative speaker. The Taipei District Court is still hearing a case by Wang against the KMT in order to hold on to his party membership and the case against the top prosecutor.

Huang’s term as prosecutor-general ends in April but the court is expected to reach a verdict before then. Despite enormous public pressure to resign, he has said he will only do so either if the court finds him guilty or if the Control Yuan impeaches him, an avenue which was closed off by Tuesday’s tied vote.

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