Students release films on Taiwan's new immigrants (update)
Central News Agency
2014-01-08 10:01 PM
Taipei, Jan. 8 (CNA) Twenty-three National Chengchi University students released six documentaries on Taiwan's new immigrants Wednesday, in an effort to encourage more people to face the social issue. The project, sponsored by the Cathay Charity Foundation, was aimed at giving the students a chance to "actually experience" the issue rather than just read about it in textbooks and reports, said Fong Shiaw-chian, the professor who organized the project. The six documentaries cover topics including finance management, language learning, and domestic and education issues in families with new immigrants. "We hope the students have learned from this experience," Fong told CNA on the sidelines of the on-campus premiere, noting that some students traveled as far as Tainan in the south to complete their films. The term "new immigrants" refers mainly to spouses of Republic of China (Taiwan) nationals, who come largely from China and Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. National Immigration Agency statistics show that as of November 2013, Taiwan was home to nearly 328,300 Chinese immigrants married to Taiwanese nationals and 157,428 immigrant spouses from other countries, including 88,945 from Vietnam. Lin Shih-ting, whose film focused on household finances, told CNA that the project has changed his impression of immigrants. "I used to think that new immigrants came to Taiwan just for the sake of making money, but actually they work really hard and devote themselves to their families," he said. Chiu Jing-yi, another student, said he was touched by children of immigrants who are anxious to learn. "Those children usually come from poor families, but they never give up. They are willing to do their utmost to learn anything," he said. The films will be eligible to enter a film contest held by the National Immigration Agency to promote awareness of immigrants' issues. (By James Lee)
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