Old Taipei tea house reopens as URS27W City Image Lab
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-17 04:37 PM
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A teahouse from the Japanese era reopened Friday as the URS27W City Image Lab in Taipei City’s old Dadaocheng neighborhood.

The project is managed by I-Mei Multimedia e-Content Production and Marketing Co., Ltd. with help from the National Taiwan University of Arts, which set up the exhibition dubbed “Image Container: The Image of URS27W Lives Again.”

Friday’s opening was timed to coincide with the nearby launch of the annual Lunar New Year shopping extravaganza. I-Mei Multimedia Chairman Luis Ko, Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office Director Lin Chung-chieh and the head of the capital’s Datong District presided over the event together.

Lin said the original two-storey red brick teahouse stood at the center of the Japanese era’s Taiping neighborhood, close to the heart of Taiwan’s New Culture Movement. Its revival under the name URS27W was able to show citizens how much was possible when one tried to revive history and culture, Lin said.

Ko said he represented the businesses of the Dadaocheng area in thanking the city government for its efforts. Many prominent Taiwanese companies had their roots in the area, but progress had been slow in advancing the concept of protecting its own ancient cultural heritage, Ko said.

With I-Mei celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, Ko said he hoped to continue his efforts to protect the country’s heritage, though he expressed regret at not having been able to keep democracy activist Chiang Wei-shui’s Da An Hospital and the old site of the Taiwan Culture Association intact.

The city’s ‘Dadaocheng Era’ plan also includes the URS155 creative area, the URS44 Dadaocheng Story Workshop and the URS127 Game Arts Scene, which together will link creative design to the traditional businesses of the district.

The exhibition at URS27W will remain open until February 28 at 27, Yanping North Road, Sec. 2.

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