Changes eyed at top of Control, Examination Yuans
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-19 03:05 PM
The first meetings to consider candidates in a shake-up of the Ma administration will begin this week with a look at possible replacements for the heads of the Control Yuan and the Examination Yuan, two of the five main branches of government under the ROC Constitution. Although incumbent Control Yuan Presidential Wang Chien-shien has let it be known that he would like to stay on in that position, he could fall prey to a push for younger faces as well as a nominee who would successfully win approval as the first woman to head one of the five Yuan. Among the names being tossed around for the Control Yuan post are former Minister of Justice Wang Ching-feng and Legislative Yuan Vice President Hung Hsiu-chu.

The "peak period" for personnel shifts and replacements in President Ma Ying-jeou’s administration is approaching, with the terms of the two above-mentioned Yuan heads coming to an end in July and August. In addition the Yuan Vice presidents and other various positions will need to be re-filled, bringing the total number of replacements in of both Yuan to about 50 persons. Sources in the KMT say that Ma plans to appoint Vice President Wu Den-yih as the convener for the nomination committee. Several meetings on the changes have reportedly already taken place and this week’s meeting will bring the first public disclosures of recommendations and nominations.

Government spokespersons asked about the changeover are saying only that they have "no relevant information, the nomination committees have not yet met." Looking at the ages of the current Yuan heads, however – both Wang Chien-shien and Control Yuan President Kuan Chung are already more than 70 years old and another term would take them close to 80 – the two Yuan both appear ripe for a changeover at the top.

In accordance with past practice, in addition to naming Wu Den-yih to serve as a supervisor in the nomination process, both Wang Chien-shien and Kuan Chung would also have a place on the nomination committee. The list of nominees is generally open to prospects from a wide range of backgrounds and once drawn up will be sent to the president for approval. The list is then submitted to the Legislative Yuan for consent, probably sometime during May or June.

Political insiders have said that as all five heads of the government Yuan are presently men, the odds are good that Wang Ching-feng could be dubbed to take over the Control Yuan. If she is not chosen as President, she could very well be named Vice-president of the Yuan.

Trained as a lawyer, Wang Ching-feng was one of the founders of the Women's Rescue Foundation, a group which focuses on the relief of child prostitutes, comfort women and rape victims. Later she became known as an advocate of doing away with capital punishment and as a staunch defender of the rights of the disadvantaged. She is also the current President of the ROC Red Cross, backed up by Vice president Chen Feng-yi, who is also the Secretary-General of the Control Yuan.

Hung Hsiu-chu, who as KMT Vice Chairman is a close associate of Ma Ying-jeou, is also seen as a possible candidate for a top Control Yuan post.

Wang Chien-shien has inserted himself into a number of controversies in the latter part of his term. When the spat between President Ma and Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng broke out last September, for example, Wang took several potshots at the Legislative Speaker. Sources familiar with the Control Yuan point out that although Wang have become more involved in charitable organizations, his public remarks have indicated that he would welcome being re-appointed to the Control Yuan.

In the Examination Yuan, sources close to the situation say that Kuan Chung is brimming with ideas and suggestions on how to improve the Yuan, including adjustments in salaries and other reforms. In recent years, however, family problems may have given him a different outlook on his role in the Yuan, and most observers are not certain whether he would really be interested in staying on at the top of the Examination Yuan.

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