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Spokesperson: Lin Chuan group in China to discuss economy
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-19 06:31 PM
Hung Yau-fu, spokesperson for former DPP Chairman Tsai Ing-wen, said Sunday that a current visit to China by a delegation led by Lin Chuan is carrying out personal exchanges and discussing various financial issues related to Taiwan and China.

Media reports have said that Lin, who is the CEO of the Tsai Ing-wen Educational Foundation, went in response to an invitation from China’s University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) to lead a delegation to Beijing.

Hung explained that the purpose of the trip is mainly as a return visit following a visit to Taipei in July 2013 by two Chinese scholars – Ding Zhijie, the Dean of UIBE, and Cao Yuanzheng, Chief Economist at the Bank of China – to a forum on "The Future Role of the RMB in the International Monetary System."

Hung said Lin’s trip has nothing to do with the DPP’s recently released "Minutes of the 2014 China Policy Review." It is simply a response to an invitation from UIBE which said the institution hoped that representatives of the Foundation could make a visit. Hung added that Lin is scheduled to hold a press conference on January 20 after the delegation returns to Taiwan.

DPP spokesman Xavier Chang added that another purpose for the delegation’s visit is to promote dialogue with China, which the DPP regards as a positive development. He noted that exchanges between the Tsai Ing-wen Educational Foundation and Chinese institutions and individuals constitute confidence-building measures, and the DPP is very much in favor of such activities.

Chang pointed out that the party’s "Minutes of the 2014 China Policy Review" mentioned that the DPP also hopes to carry out exchanges with China involving think tanks and city governments. The planned visit by a group from the Tsai Ing-wen foundation is not quite, as some media have termed it, a "forerunner of a visit by Tsai Ing-wen," he said. Tsai is a member of the CPC Central Committee, after all, and putting together a visit for her would be more complicated and take much longer to arrange.

Hung Yau-fu explained that Lin is traveling with several foundation board members and supervisors including former National Security Council Deputy Secretary-General Chiang Chun-nan, former Vice-chairman of the CEPD Chang Ching-sen, former Comptroller Hsu Chang-yau, Hu Sheng-cheng of Academia Sinica, former FSC chairman Shi Chun-chi and former Mainland Affairs Policy Advisor and Vice-chairman Chiu Tai-san, as well as legislators Hsiao Bi-khim and Tsai Chi-chang.

The group has been spending time in Beijing and Tianjin visiting UIBE, the National Bureau of Statistics, the Tianjin Urban Planning Bureau and several other organizations and official agencies as well as private organizations such as Baidu and Lenovo. The interests of the group are focused on economic and trade issues, said Hung, and will not touch on the issue of cross-strait relations.

At the same time, one Chinese-language newspaper in Taipei reported recently that following the conclusion of the first meeting of the China Affairs Committee, the DPP planned to send missions to both the US and China to discuss DPP cross-strait policy with officials who deal with Taiwan affairs. Former ROC representative to the US and Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council Joseph Wu has denied that he made any such visits, saying he engaged only in purely academic exchanges. Professor Chen Ming-tong of the Institute of National Development at National Taiwan University, reportedly met Sunday with China's Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun and senior members of the Chinese CPPCC in Beijing. If these individuals were involved the topic of discussion may very well have been the Minutes of the 2014 China Policy Review passed by the DPP China Affairs Committee.

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