Tsai: Visits to China should benefit Taiwan, no plans for now
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-20 04:41 PM
Speaking at a Monday press conference held by members of the Tsai Ing-wen Education Foundation on their return from China, former DPP chair and foundation chair Tsai Ing-wen insisted that she herself does not have any plans to visit the other side. Tsai laid out two conditions she feels must be met by any person or group from Taiwan visiting the mainland. "If I go to China it will be because the trip is beneficial to Taiwan and will contribute to the stability of cross-strait relations.” If the current trend in exchanges continues to develop, she said, “perhaps one day conditions will be ripe, but right now I don’t have any plans to go."

Led by Tsai Ing-wen Education Foundation CEO Lin Chuan, the delegation was in China for a total of five day visit to China. On Monday morning the group joined Tsai Ing-wen to report on their findings. The delegation included Academia Sinica researcher Shih Chun-chi, former CEPD Chairman Hu Sheng-cheng, former MAC Vice Chairman Chiu Tai-san, and Legislators Hsiao Bi-khim and Tsai Chi-chang.

Lin said the exchanges offered very well-intentioned interactions with each other and the entire group looks forward to more opportunities for communication.

Tsai noted that for two years the DPP has been preparing for participation in such exchanges. She said the party hold a very positive view on such matters and has always maintained that any differences that exist between the two sides should be resolved through communication and efforts to increase mutual understanding. Carrying out carefully oriented and professional exchange programs, she said, will serve to gradually overcome limitations in communication.

Tsai said "cross-strait exchanges should be multi-level and multi-faceted, and should not be limited to particular political parties or minorities, or seek private gain by monopolizing exchanges. She offered exchanges between think tanks as one important platform for professional exchanges without undue politicization.

Tsai said that in most of the stops in the delegation’s itinerary their host was the chief financial administrator of a government ministry or agency. She added that she hopes the delegation’s visit will establish a new model for cross-strait exchanges in the future.

Lin Chuan noted that there were no focused discussions on the issue of the issues of cross-strait exchanges or the trade in services agreement. He said some members reported that in low-key private chats the other side was anxious to understand why so many people in Taiwan are opposed to the agreement on trade in services between the two sides.

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