Green legislator: Tsai-Hsieh alliance could threaten re-election for Su
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-21 03:36 PM
The election for chairman of the DPP is set for May this year, and one rumor making the rounds is that former DPP chair Tsai Ing-wen and former premier Frank Hsieh could form a “Tsa-Hsieh alliance" against incumbent party chairman Su Tseng-chang. In this regard, DPP legislator Huang Wei-cher said Tuesday that if Su does indeed seek re-election, teamwork between Tsai and Hsieh could certainly present a great threat to his chances. What is uncertain, says Huang, is whether either of the two would be willing to shift the votes of supporters in the party to the other in such a case.

Huang said there will always be rumors before any election, but the fact is, the party chairman election is coming in May, and everyone will soon be gearing up to for the campaign. If Su Tseng-chang opts to seek re-election he could face any number of challenges. These could involve discussions regarding cross-strait policy, or friction between Su and party elders on the party’s Chinese Affairs Committee. Huang stressed, however, that the DPP has always been a democratic political party, and no matter who is allied with whom, or who cooperates with whom, they will not violate the rules or the constitution of the party or do anything illegal. Whatever happens, he said, they will respect the party and their fellow party members.

Asked if this year's party chairman election will affect the 2016 presidential election, Huang said the 2016 elections are still two years away, and anyone seeking to be nominated would need to begin working on a campaign sometime during the coming year. If Tsai and Hsieh were to form any kind of ‘alliance’, he said, it would have to be one in which "one plus one equals two or more than two." Such a pairing would naturally represent a threat to Su, but if it does not happen or it fails, Su is not likely to lose. Either way, said Huang it is hard to say who might be the eventual winner

Huang stressed that the chairman election is an intra-party affair, after all, while the 2016 elections involve the whole polity. They are two entirely different matters, he said, and it is still too early to say what could happen in either race.

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