Legislative Yuan to reconvene January 27-28
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-21 07:41 PM
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Legislative Yuan will come out of winter recess January 27-28 to discuss the Act Governing Food Sanitation and the government’s motion against the Land Administration Agent Act.

Negotiations at the Legislature Tuesday resulted in the decision to hold a discussion meeting Monday morning, with Premier Jiang Yi-huah being invited later in the day to deliver a report and face questioning about the government’s move to reconsider the second act.

The vote on the Land Administration Agent Act will be scheduled for Tuesday morning and will not be anonymous, reports said. If at least half the lawmakers vote against the government in favor of the amended law, then the Cabinet will have to accept the result and its attempt to reconsider the law will have failed.

Discussions about amendments to the Act Governing Food and Hygiene will take place later Tuesday.

The new version of the Land Administration Agent Act allows agents who registered false information or delayed reporting information on a government website to correct the data within a period of up to 15 days. Jiang supported the original version, where fines would be levied against the agents immediately.

The Cabinet decided to try and overturn the new version because it says it will weaken public confidence in official online information and in the policy of reporting actual housing trading prices.

The government and the public might not be able to find out the true details about false information online within the 15-year period, Jiang reportedly remarked.

The opposition Democratic Progressive Party said it would decide at a caucus meeting on Monday how it would vote about the law.

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