Government criticized for using name ‘Taiwan’
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-22 04:59 PM
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Control Yuan approved corrective measures against the government Wednesday for using the name ‘Taiwan’ in some of its publications instead of the country’s official name ‘Republic of China.’

Ger Yeong-kuang, a member of the top government watchdog, presented the motion against the Executive Yuan, reasoning that its publications should use ‘Republic of China’ for the country because that was the official name mentioned in the Constitution.

Despite existing rules, the government had introduced the name ‘Taiwan’ in some of its recent publications, confusing the public’s understanding of the nation’s status, the motion claimed.

No matter who or which area was the intended public for a government publication, it should always use the official constitutional appellation, according to Ger’s motion. The Control Yuan member reportedly found numerous examples over the last two years of government publications listing ‘Taiwan’ in the place destined for the mention of the country of origin.

The motion also noted that the documents used the name ‘China’ several times when they mentioned the People’s Republic of China. The practice went completely against official government rules, which say that the preferred appellations are ‘Mainland China’ or ‘Communist China,’ the motion said.

The government needed to use the official name at all times to protect the nation’s image and its international standing, the motion said.

The administration of President Ma Ying-jeou has recently come under fire for trying to reduce the amount of attention concentrated on Taiwan in the education curriculum.

The government is planning to remove elements of Taiwan history, geography and social studies from textbooks for high schools, reports said.

Former President Lee Teng-hui on Wednesday condemned the plans, saying they were evidence of a lack of love for Taiwan. He pointed out that when he was president in 1997, he fully supported the introduction of a new textbook series titled “Knowing Taiwan,” which told students more details about the country’s background.

“When you are asked where you are from, of course you say you are from Taiwan, you are Taiwanese,” Lee told reporters.

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