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Control Yuan asks, what’s in a name?
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-23 02:47 PM
On Wednesday this week the Control Yuan passed a proposal by member Ger Yung-kuang that in the past few years some government publications have listed “Taiwan” as the country of publication, a practice which Ger claims is not entirely in keeping with the nation’s Constitution. The resolution called on the Executive Yuan to bring an end to such actions.

On Thursday Ger said in an interview that the ROC and Taiwan "have always been one and the same thing" and explained that the corrective measure was simply a reminder to government agencies to use the official name of the country in official publications.

Ger’s term of office comes to an end at mid-year and he was asked whether his sponsorship of the proposed corrective measure was aimed at securing him another nomination to the Control Yuan. Ger denied the supposition, saying the bill "had nothing at all to do with any nomination."

The proposal passed by the Control Yuan Wednesday shows that the government has in place certain regulations and laws to distinguish between the names of Taiwan and mainland China. In recent years, however, many government publications seem to have blurred the lines set out in the rules, which the Control Yuan says is "not only contrary to the policy of one China, but moreover confuses some people about the identity of the country."

On the outside, some have argued that the Control Yuan is making a fuss over nothing, and on Thursday a few legislators said the Yuan was nitpicking with its resolution.

Ger pointed out in his interview that he received a public petition last year which complained that the name of the country of publication on publications from the Council of Cultural Affairs (now the Ministry of Culture) was not clear. With that the Control Yuan launched an investigation, collecting nearly two years of government ministry publications and identifying problems that needed to be corrected. Ger emphasized that this shows that the Control Yuan resolution had no connection at all with the fact that his term will end in about half a year.

Ger explained that according to the Constitution of the ROC, the official name of the country is the ROC, and indicating ‘Taiwan’ as the country of publication for official government publications should be considered unconstitutional. "This is important, how can you say it’s not?” he asked. “When the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Control Yuan discussed this there were no dissenting opinions, we unanimously voted to call for corrections."

Ger went on to say that the ROC and Taiwan are the same thing. "We just want to remind the government that in its own official publications, using something other than the official name of the country will make people confused."

Ger finished by saying, "We are all very proud of Taiwan."

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