Information surfaces on truck rammer's motives; family apologizes
Central News Agency
2014-01-26 09:24 PM
Taipei, Jan. 26 (CNA) Relatives of a man who rammed his heavy truck through Presidential Office barricades apologized on his behalf Sunday as more details about his motives surfaced, including a desire to "make headlines in Taiwan." Chang Teh-cheng, who was born in 1973, remained in intensive care at National Taiwan University Hospital after being injured when he rammed the front entrance of the Presidential Office early Saturday morning. He ran his empty gravel truck over spikes and barricades on the ground and up more than a dozen steps before being stopped by a bulletproof gate activated by a quick-thinking military policeman. Chang suffered broken limbs and lost consciousness at the scene, although doctors said his injuries were not life-threatening. As the police, who were guarding him closely at the hospital, waited to question him when he has sufficiently recovered, information about his thoughts and plans began to surface. In a blog post he wrote as early as July 2012, he said that his life was "beginning to change" and "I believe what I'm planning to do will make headlines in Taiwan." He cited his being sentenced to 40 days in prison for domestic violence as the reason for the change. In another blog post written in August 2013, he noted seeing a motorcade escorted by National Freeway Police days earlier. "I could have lost concentration. The wheel could have been out of control. My vehicle happened to weigh a total of 33 tons that day," he wrote. In a letter received by a TV station Sunday, Chang vented his anger toward the judicial system and society in general. He detailed his planned route to the Presidential Office and said he was prepared to receive capital punishment if his action resulted in the loss of human life. If not, he would still ask for life in prison, he said. After the incident did indeed make headlines in every newspaper in the country Sunday, Chang's older brother, who was not identified by name, appeared on TV to offer the family's apology. The older Chang said that his brother deliberately chose an early morning hour on a weekend in order not to hurt other people but himself. The incident took place when President Ma Ying-jeou was out of the country on an official visit to allies in Africa and Central America. (By Liu Chien-pang and Jay Chen)
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