One KMT bolter as legislators vote to reconsider amendment
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-28 02:33 PM
The Legislative Yuan voted 60 to 45 Monday to reconsider the amendment to the Land Administration Agents Act passed during its recently-concluded regular session. The open balloting ran basically along party lines with one KMT defector, legislator Chen Hsueh-sheng, siding with opposition legislators and voting in favor of maintaining the original legislative amendment. Chen explained his stray vote by saying that everyone hopes to see fairness and equality where people’s residences are involved, adding that one “should not use a big cannon to shoot a little bird” by making real estate agents responsible for too much in carrying out property sales. He also said he hopes the Legislative Yuan will be more careful in the future so the Legislative Yuan will not be viewed as little more than an ATM.

Both the KMT and DPP mobilized their full forces Monday morning for the vote, with the KMT warning that any legislator who did not follow the party line would be referred to the party disciplinary committee. The resulting vote was 60 votes against retaining the amendment and more than 40 votes to retain the amendment as passed.

Chen’s vote with the Greens went against the KMT’s call for unity, an action which he attributed to "respect for public opinion." Chen said that reconsidering the amendment would be a case of overkill and called his decision to vote against the party line an effort to prevent real estate agents from being treated like scapegoats in reporting property transactions. He warned that relations between the two parties regarding the Land Agents Act and the controversial amendment could become even more strained in the future.

LinTe-fu, secretary-general for the KMT legislative caucus, said Chen would be referred to the party disciplinary committee and could face a fine of NT$$10,000 for failing to toe the line in the balloting.

Chen shrugged off the threat of disciplinary action and said that he was listening to the voice of the people. He noted that during caucus meetings no one had spoken out in support of the Executive Yuan’s call for an extraordinary session to reconsider the amendment to the Land Agents Act, saying that the decision was the result of outside pressure from the Executive Yuan.

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